Prowler Proof Diamond
Security Screen Doors & Window Grilles

Aluminium Security Doors And Windows are your standard 7mm diamond grille.

Grille type doors and windows offer you a visual deterrent and effective protection against uninvited guests.

Performance and Testing

The 7mm welded diamond grille is exclusive to Prowler Proof and is recognised in the market place for the strength of materials used at a very competitive price. Prowler Proof’s Diamond ranges have undergone a range of performance tests, to ensure your home is protected. This can be up to 10 times stronger than your commonly used pop riveted screens.

On the Sunshine Coast, house break ins are rapidly on the rise. Unfortunately you can no longer risk leaving your home and family unprotected.

All doors are installed with triple locks, as per the requirement of the Australian Standards, and heavy duty door closer where required.


Prowler Proof offers you Australia’s only 10 year full replacement warranty. That means if anything goes wrong with your product, you’ll get a brand new product, not a repair.


  • Hinged Doors
  • Sliding Doors (double doors & stacker doors)
  • Sliding windows
  • French Doors
  • Fire escape windows


Diamond products come in 50 standard colours and another 250 optional colours. You can also choose from Welded Diamond, where the grille matches the frame, or SnapLock where the grille is black. Choose the perfect colour for your home, with no extra delivery time and only a small premium on optional colours.

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