Prowler Proof ForceField
Stainless Steel Mesh
Security Doors & Windows

Prowler Proof ForceField is the top of the range welded, stainless steel security system.
It offers you superior strength using welded aluminium instead of standard pop rivets or unsightly corroding screws.

Performance and Testing

Prowler Proof is Australia’s most advanced manufacturer of security screens. The quality and performance of ForceField is unmatched.

All of Prowler Proof’s products are designed with strength as their critical component.
Prowler Proof leads the way in Australian Standards with all testing, passing every test not just the ones to suit “their product”

The Prowler Proof products are at least 10 times stronger than the industry standard, and are the best value for money security products on the market.


Prowler Proof offers you Australia’s only 10 year full replacement warranty. That means if anything goes wrong with your product, you’ll get a brand new product, not a repair.


* Hinged doors
* Sliding doors (double and stacker)
* French doors
* Sliding windows
* Fixed windows


ForceField products come in 50 standard colours and another 250 optional colours. Choose the perfect colour for your home, with no extra delivery time and only a small premium on optional colours.

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