Lockwood locks a must in all security doors

Lockwood locks a must in all security doors, and must be triple locked.Lockwood locks are now installed on all East coast security screens doors as a standard item. This is a massive improvement to your security door as these locks are by far the strongest lock on the market passing ALL Australian standards.I cant believe that Most other companies are still using cheap standard locks on there security doors that cost around $25.00, some are still actually selling doors with single locks. The lockwood locks are more than double this and are now included at no extra cost. They also come with a 25 year warranty. No one comes near this. East Coast security screens are very confident when it comes to installing our security doors on the sunshine coast with triple locks from lockwood.

Lock: Lockwood 8654
Lockwood 8654 is the strongest residential hinge door security locks on the market. It’s a 3-point locking system with Kinetic Defence Keying Technology and a 25-year mechanical warranty. If security is not a priority, ForceField® is available with a 1-point lock that does not meet the Australian Standard AS 5039† for security.

The Lockwood 8654 Hinged Security Door Lock has been designed in Australia and manufactured to stringent quality specifications.

The range has been tested in accordance with AS4145.2-2008, offering exceptional performance and reliability. Incorporating Lockwood’s advanced safety and security feature, DualSelect®, the 8654 Hinged Security Door Lock is ideal for use in residential applications.

Features and Specifications of the 8654 Hinged Security Door Lock

2 stage key locking, offers safety and security for all occupants by giving a choice of selecting safety mode or secure mode when exiting the home
Turning the key to the first selection engages the safety lock, this offers security from the outside whilst allowing occupants inside to safely exit using the internal lever and snib
Turning the key to the second selection engages the secure lock, this provides internal and external security, and requires the key to unlock the door from inside and outside.
Suits left or right hand opening doors
Stainless steel hookbolt for increased security
Key locking from both sides
Inside snib locking (with key override)
Large ergonomically improved snib to assist with operation
Snib only version also available
No snib version also available
Stainless steel front end plates
Self latching with stainless steel hook deadbolt for improved security performance
Can only be locked when fully engaged with strike
Optional 3 point kits available for premium security
When 3 point kit is fitted, snib activates/operates all 3 locking points
Push on actuating bar suits above or below centreline applications
Available in a range of polyester powdercoat and plated finishes
Fits industry standard cut outs/door preparation
Retrofits Whitco Tasman Mk2 and Mk3 Locks
Zinc diecast lock mechanism and furniture
Easy installation for both new and retrofit applications
Accepts Lockwood Euro profile lazy cam cylinder
Suit standard 20mm door thickness