When purchasing your security doors and windows on the sunshine coast it is very important that you get the correct warranty, and with a company that is going to back up what they say. There are a lot of brands in the stainless steel security market that are happy to hand out warranty cards etc, but when it comes to an issue with there product they don’t want to know about it.I have heard of all types of excuses when it comes to faulty products, a bad batch of stainless steel mesh or ” your not cleaning your security door correctly ” well if the security door is made and designed correctly cleaning it will not be an issue.This is why at East Coast Security Screens we use Secureview ( 11YEAR WARRANTY ) and Prowler proof (10 YEAR WARRANTY ) as my 2 security door and window brands, they are both designed correctly and both use 316 marine grade stainless steel. Oh and most importantly they both will back up on there warranty.

Prowler proof is the only security screen manufacturer in Australia to offer a 10 year new for old replacement warranty. You will quite simply get a new security door or security window if your prowler proof product shows defects in workmanship or materials within 10 years from the purchased date. No ifs, no buts… no paperwork.
Thanks to the design of prowler proofs security doors and windows, the products require little maintenance. Cleaning every three months in coastal regions is all it takes. Security products that are held together by screws or rivets can require cleaning as often as every 2-4 weeks in coastal regions.